Medical Indicators, Inc.

Our Disposable Thermometers Provide Maximum Infection Prevention exTemp® and TraxIt® utilize a remarkable innovation called Liquid Crystal Technology, which uses heat-sensitive liquid crystals to measure and display body temperature, while Tempa•DOT® utilizes Solid Crystal Technology. Both of these remarkable technologies deliver unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. Medical Indicators thermometers are clinically tested, FDA listed, CE marked, and meet ASTMRead More

InHealth Technologies

InHeath Technologies is a leader in manufacturing specialized medical devices.  The Katz Extractor Oto-Rhino Remover is small , lightweight, single-use device for quick and easy extraction of foreign bodies from the nose or external ear canal.  It comes in a convenient, ready-to-use five-pact box.  There are no expensive supplies to hunt and assemble, and noRead More

Fisher Healthcare

We stay focused on you so you can stay focused on what matters most — your patients. Our sourcing and supply chain services ensure you have the right products at the right place at the right time. Our unparalleled product portfolio provides you with more choices that save you time and money. Given all of theRead More

MorTan, Inc.

Emergency Eye Irrigation (Hands Free) The Morgan Lens – used by over 90% of hospitals in the U.S.A. during the emergency treatment of ocular burns (chemical or actinic) or in the removal of non-embedded foreign bodies. Once the Lens is inserted, your hands are free to treat other injuries. The Morgan Lens provides continuous lavage toRead More

Medline Industries

Low unit-of-measure quantities. Limited storage space. Point-of-care testing. The demands of running a busy urgent care center never stop. And neither do we. What sets us apart? We’re a manufacturer, distributor and resource your physician office can trust to meet your product needs efficiently and cost effectively. From time-saving minor procedure kits and next-day deliveryRead More