OSHA and HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare and Dental Professionals.

All compliance manuals aren’t created equal. We don’t try to justify a price with a thicker, more complicated product. Our 2022 OSHA and HIPAA manuals were created specifically for healthcare and dental professionals and include policies, employee training, forms, posters, toll-free phone support and more. 

No fluff, all substance. Since 1991, we have helped thousands of physicians, dentists, labs, hospitals and other healthcare professionals get into compliance with OSHA, HIPAA and other Federal and State regulatory requirements.

 Although an OSHA inspection or HIPAA audit isn’t a regular occurrence, they certainly can and do happen. You’re required to have policies that outline the types of safety measures you have in place to protect employees (OSHA) and safeguard patient health information in paper and electronic form (HIPAA Privacy and Security). Our OSHA Manuals and HIPAA Manuals are affordable and include everything you need to get into compliance in 2022.

Worried about an OSHA inspection or HIPAA audit? We provide customer support for these too. We can help you avoid or abate any fines from alleged hazards or violations of the HIPAA Privacy or Security Rule.



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