Clinical X-ray Fundamentals for the Urgent Care Provider is the first CME program dedicated entirely to X-Ray imaging in the diagnosis of disease and injury in the urgent care setting. 25 comprehensive case reports and over 100 images are used to review best practices and techniques for the diagnosis and management of common urgent care conditions.  Obtain 25 CME credit hours from this program.

The curriculum covers x-ray cases that both frequently and infrequently present in the urgent care setting.  Users also have access to bonus material.  Bonus material includes JUCM Imaging Webinars, the Urgent Care Image Database (which includes over 100 x-ray images to reference/review) as well as an ECG Training Tool.  Learners have access to this program for 1 year.

Ideal for:

Physician Assistant
Nurse Practitioner
Physician transitioning to urgent care from other practice types


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Clinical X-ray Fundamentals for the Urgent Care Provider - Course Detail


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